What is the Goal of Mountain Climbing?

Is it to get to the top? OR? Is to get back down safely. Don’t just plan on your trip to get there, plan on your retirement strategy during retirement too, including how you will fund the expense for a Long-Term Care event. I can help… Let’s Have the... read more

Why You Should Talk About Long Term Care

The Truth About Long Term Care And Why You Must Talk About It Do you know how your spouse/parent wants to be cared for in the event of a life-changing injury/illness? These tips can help you start talking. The Truth About LTC and Why You Should Talk About... read more

Protect the Things that Matter the Most

Love is not ALL you Need…..This long-term care consumer video is a good way to see how an LTCi policy can help you protect the things that are most important – spending time with family, staying in the home you love, and using your nest egg to make retirement... read more

Long Term Care Awareness Month

November is Long Term Care Awareness month, created by Congress in 2001. This month -long campaign is dedicated to educating Americans on the need to be prepared for living a long life.   November also ushers in the Holiday Season, which is a time families gather... read more

Lazy Days of Summer

Ah, summertime! A time of year that seems to conjure up two contrasting visions: one, the nostalgia of those childhood “lazy days” featuring a swing underneath a gigantic shade tree, with a glass of lemonade on a table. The other—what some of us like to think of as... read more

I Love You With All My Heart

There are literally hundreds of ways we can— and do— verbalize our loving feelings: “I love you with all my heart, I love you from the bottom of my heart, I love you to the moon and back, I’ll love you forever and always.” And if you know me, you know that because... read more

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When we first met Peggy Fortson we knew right away that beyond the warm, welcoming smile, we were facing a knowledgeable, candid woman. She made sure that we understood what we were purchasing and the security we would have for the remainder of our lives. It wasn’t a sales meeting…it was an educational meeting. Peggy has done an outstanding job this past year by effectively communicating with us regarding our LTC plan and successfully solving a couple of issues that were critical financially. Peggy is clearly a people person and is always looking out for her clients. She has demonstrated an eagerness to work and always a positive attitude with us and she did an excellent job demonstrating to us how a worthy company can produce great results. Jill and I are able to count on Peggy to always go above and beyond the norm to demonstrate how excellent and pleasant customer service can be. Peggy possesses a high standard of ethics; it seems that being her colleague would be a pleasure based on her leadership and ability to strategically direct and manage.
Yossi OvadiaGeorgia