Extended Health Care and March Madness

It’s that time of year; which teams will make it to the Big Dance? Being part of a huge basketball family,* I found myself comparing this annual sports competition madness to the field of Long-Term Care Planning. If you’re not a basketball fan and familiar with March... read more

Valentine’s Day Is Not Just for Lovers

It’s also for celebrating with all the people you love, including family and friends.  And for many of us, expressing that love with a gift.  Chocolates and flowers are fine for young lovers, but the gift I’m going to suggest is what you give not just to one person,... read more

Bronze, Silver, or Gold Long Term Care Plans

I love the Olympics; I’m one of the billions of people worldwide who’ve been breathlessly watching these events. I considered why the Games have such universal appeal.  My guess is there are multiple reasons for their popularity, with pure patriotism and support of... read more

Listen to Your Parents

  How old were you when your parents got your attention? Not your biological parents, but your “other parents”—you know them, don’t you, Mother Nature and Father Time?  Some of us make their acquaintance at a younger age than others, and some of us know them far... read more

Virtual Reality and Living a Long Life

If you’re not already fascinated by Virtual Technology, chances are you will be soon.  Virtual reality—and the fascination with it—are growing by leaps and bounds. Using just two of our five senses (sight and sound), you can “be somewhere” without actually,... read more

The Three Leg Race

Remember the 3-legged race? It is (or was) a popular activity at family gatherings or backyard fun. You and your partner tie your inside legs together so that the two of you now have “three” legs to run the race, competing with the other 3-legged teams. Although the... read more

Product Highlight: One America Asset Care Series

There isn’t a “one size fits all” LTC transfer of risk plan, but this product series comes the closest than any out there, in my opinion. At least one of the Asset Care Solutions is usually presented as a solution option to every prospect I plan for. As I’ve said a... read more

March Madness, Politics, and Long Term Care

Have you noticed the Presidential candidates are not discussing Long Term Care Planning? There’s a good reason why:  no one wants to be on the hook for authoring a solution to this monumental issue, since any criticism could surely be devastating to their campaign. ... read more

Take Action; Make a Heart Decision

Ah, February is here…and although it can bring bitter cold, it also brings a pleasant aura of hearts and Valentines. This special season—when our loved ones become the center of our attention— might just be the perfect time to take action on an important issue that... read more

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